04 November, 2008


I have read many haikus since i have interest in reading. Few haikus made me amaze. But many haikus were not at all worth to appreciate. The rules for haiku are, it has to be written in three lines only, not more than that. The first line shows depict a scene, the next has to depict a scene and the third line should have a content that totally makes a twist on the poem.

The third line is very important in haiku. It is where the haiku gets a turning point. The third line should take the first two lines into a different dimension. Most of the haiku poems which are appreciated not at all worth in fact. They depict a normal scene and a normal turning point. I have tried a haiku... here it is...

Health is
Not wealth
For hospitals...

How is it?

02 November, 2008


Today, every one and everything are becoming mobile. We live in a world that forces itself to rotate faster. So, in order to survive we have to go along with it. Since every one are running continuously, no one gets time to relax and live for themselves.

We are in short of time for care, love, kiss, enjoy, and excite and exclamation, quarrel and so on. To help these fast running people, technology has given birth to a brand new technology called mobile technology.

In mobile technology any one can contact any one virtually. Though there is no physical presence, our voices, visions, and physical appearances are electrified and we will be able to stay in touch with our contacts no matter how far they live.

Husbands are able to get their wife's kisses though they live in two extreme corners of the world.

Thanks to those who worked all night to bring in mobile technology in to the picture, brotherhood and break the boundaries and spread humanity across globe.

I am not a good citizen, but good human...

I don't believe in citizenship and stuffs. People say that you have to be truthful to our mother country and so on. Being truthful is good and has to be appreciated. But I don't believe in truthful to one particular country.

I love universal brotherhood. The boundaries and borders of country show the narrow attitude of the people. Who made these boundaries? What’s the use of them?
There are some crooked people who go against their own people and kill them. The government, in order to stop them, makes boundaries and so on.

Today, people are confined with narrow thoughts. They want to live with their own people, community, class, family, town, village etc. This should not be with the sixth sensed peoples.

Only animals and birds won't allow other breed to live with them. Aren't we better than those animals? So, we have to aim for universal

15 October, 2008


I exist, therefore I am" is a famous statement used for many humanity based activities. Illusion, on the other hand denotes that "I exist, therefore I am not" or "I doesn't exist, therefore I am". Illusion and optical Illusions are the one which exists for such a long time and amazes people since its survival. The art of making illusion is so interesting what will be there in an Illusion picture? There will be some picture or some signs or symbols present in a photo. You can see some other picture appearing or disappearing in the picture. This is because of the light and optical confusion of our eyes. This confusion, otherwise called as illusion gives us an imaginary or duplicate picture in the existing one. Even in real time we can see Illusions. We can see flow of water in deserts and highways during high temperature time. But there won’t be any water existing. This is the best example of illusion and to understand illusion.


If the knowledge is the treasure, then questions are the keys to open the lock of treasure. Questions are not as cheap as what we think. We can easily judge persons knowledge, character and his behaviors just by the questions he/she asks. Not everyone can ask question. It is not that easy task too. Posing questions needs a special talent and experience. Unless you are very good in knowledge, you cannot ask questions. Questions doesn’t mean the silly ones asked by silly things about silly things. I am talking about the Questions which brought answers for the man kind, which brought revolution in our lives. The Questions which brought geniuses to the world. Questions either bring the eligible and capable people into focus, or make the incapable, ineligible people into out of focus.

E.T., A story...

Once a guy was on a long drive on the highways of Florida. It was a saturnight. The cars, trucks, buses showed their efficiency on the road slipping at a very high speed. It seemed everything was floating on the road. Let us call the guy who is driving as Joe. Joe, with a cigarette in his mouth, backstreet boys in audio system was driving to his home which is 320 miles ahead. He was on the way to his home, for weekend celebration. It was the sixteenth signboard on the left; some small creature was hiding and stopped the car near it. The creature opened the doors and got into the car. It had hands, legs, face and everything but doesn't look like a human. The wondering part is, It started speaking in English. At first Joe doesn't know how to react to this, and then he managed himself and started talking courageously. Since Joe was a fun loving guy, he thought he can take this creature for the week end party. In some twelve minutes they have become almost friends. Quite often, the creature inserted its forefinger in Joe's ears and shook it, laughed and sat back. It looked so funny and so Joe was making fun of it. They talked about the creatures’ planet, their life, politics in the planet 239, dating etc. Between their chat, Joe asked the creature, named I2VC3, "Hey buddy, how will you have sex with your mates?" I2VC3 came front, took its forefinger, inserted in Joe's ears, shook and laughed.

14 October, 2008

rain rain go away is wrong...

Rain. A word. A set of four letters. Rain; sounds poetic. A poem of itself. Rain; liked by everyone. Rain; gives refreshment on thinking. Rain; gives enthusiasm on getting wet by it. Rain; shares its chillness to everyone equally. Rain; Mother's milk to the whole world from God. Rain; never loses its youthness no matter how old it is. Rain; as fresh as flower. Rain; as beautiful as blossom. Rain; wipes our dirt. Rain; wipes our worries. Rain; Gives us food. Rain; Gives us life. Rain; Gives us water. Rain; Gives us culture. Rain; Gives us business. Rain; Gives us poems. Rain; An epic. Rain; a haiku. Rain; Gives us orgasm. Rain; Gives us children. Rain; Gives us God's mercy. Rain; Gives us God's help. Rain; Gives us warning. Rain; Gives us punishment. Rain; Gives us care. Rain; on Rain, Rain Rain Go away is wrong. Come to us all the time. Rain; you love us. Rain; we love you.